10 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries In India That Continue To Baffle Mankind Till Date


With every passing day, science continues to grow, unravelling the mysteries that have long since stood as the part our society, our culture.

But there are some mysteries, urban legends that have stood strong to the test of science. They are the events that amaze and at the same time intimidate us, for we humans have always been afraid of the dark, of the unknown,  and of of all the things that we fail to understand.

In this article we will take you on a rollercoaster ride through some unsolved, unexplained and bone chilling events in the land of mysteries itself- INDIA.


25 July, 2001

What people referred to as the Divine Punishment for sinners, these rains came down from the hearts of the clouds themselves.

While the whole of Kerala was enjoying the regular monsoon, in Idukki,Kerala people were horrified when suddenly drops of what appeared to be blood fell down from the skies.

This unnatural phenomenon was observed over a very small region, about a stretch of some few kilometres.

The scientific community came forward to explain this.

Mr KK Pillai from the Meteorological Department of India attributed these rains to the ashes and the acidic material from the recent eruption of Mayon Volcano.

Another source pointed out the Arabian Desert Dust as the cause behind this.

Some people began to hint at extraterrestial activity.

But what actually caused the clouds to bring about these red drops of rain is a mystery that is yet to be explained.



This temple dedicated to lord Shiva has about 70 magnificent pillars that adorn this historical site.

But this is where things get interesting.

One out of these 70 pillars stands up withot any support, suspended in mid air!

What has been actually verified, this pillar indeed does not touch the ground.

People believe that its just another engineering marvel of the temple builders but the actual reason behind it is still a mystery.


The Frozen Skeletons

From what forensics report to be dating back to the 15 th century, 400-600  human skeletons can be seen frozen below the surface of the lake Roopkund every year when the ice melts.

According to the locals, they belong to the King of Kanauj and his party.

It is said that they were going on a pilgrimage when a sudden storm forced them into the bowels of the deep lake.


The Lord of Visa

Lord Venkateshwar is the god renowned for granting visa!

On the banks of Osman Sagar lake, it is  ancient temple where people applying for US visa flock to.

Be it a result of the strong belief or some mysterious force, people do end up getting a visa.

Hence this place has become popular among youths who dream of going to the US.


The Temple of Rats

With a shocking population of over 20000 rats, the Karni Mata Temple is a wonder in itself.

The rats can be seen roaming about the temple, feeding off milk from large metal bowls.

It is said that when a army of 20000 marched to Deshnoke Karni Mata punished them by turning them into rats.

As a gratitude for sparing their lifes, the army of rats promised to serve Karni Mata in  her temple forever.


The UFO Sightings

Kongka la pass, Ladakh, is one of the most restricted places in India.

But this is not what makes it weird.

This disputed territory between India and China is famous for the frequent UFO spotting. The locals in this area believe that aliens frequent this place.

Nobody actually knows what these objects actually are.

Its also quite possible that the government is hiding what actually happens here since the disputed territory status makes this place quite un accessible.


Aleya Lights

Frequently referred to as ghost lights, these mysterious lights over the marshes in West Bengal region are quite dangerous.

Fishermen are often misled by these lights and end up getting lost in the vast marshes.

Quite a few of them have already lost their lives because these lights.

Officially renowned across the globe, these lights are one of the most dangerous and unexplained mysteries in India.

Scientific community blames the ionisation of methane over the marshes for the cause of these lights but it doesn’t change the fact that such a simple phenomenon could pose a threat to the lives of these fishermen.


The Mysterious Twin Town

Malappuram in Kerala is weird in itself because of its surprisingly huge number of twin births.

This place claims to have over 200 pairs of twins. Even the people from this place who give birth outside the village end up having twins.

While the actual cause for the baffling huge number of twins is yet to be explained, scientists claim that certain chemicals in the waters of this area are the reason behind this phenomenon.


Door-less Village

Have you ever accidentally forgotten to lock the door of your house?

The situation that would give most of the people a mini heart attack is something that the people of ‘Shani Shinghnapur’ wouldn’t even bat an eye at.

Not a single building in this village has a door of any sort!

Well is that wasn’t shocking enough then try letting this next fact sink in.

Not a single crime has been reported in this village.

Call it blind faith or a lesson of honesty and morality, the villagers seem to have no problem living in door-less houses.


The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

I am pretty sure many people have already heard of this one.

This phenomenon that defies gravity brings in flocks of tourists to this place every year.

Located between Leh and Kargil, this small stretch of road never fails to amaze. If you park your car here with the ignition turned off, it will start moving uphill by itself.

It is believed that it is not the work of some magnetic force but an optical illusion which makes it appear that the road is uphill when it  is actually downhill.

But according to older stories and myths it is said that a path upto heaven once existed at this place. People deserving of heaven would be automatically pulled by some strange mysterious force.


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